Sunday, August 01, 2010

Temple of Vacuous Confidence

Temple of Vacuous Confidence.  2010. styrofoam, wood, cords, models, mirrors, paint.  6' x 12' x 1'

Earlier this year, ACT Theatre approached SOIL about commissioning SOIL artists to create window installations for their sidewalk windows.  I thought, "So, you'll PAY us to make art?!" That was a radical concept for me to understand, but after giving it some thought, I agreed that it made some sense.  Not having really made much sculpture before, I was excited to give it a whirl.  More info on the SOIL website here.  Each window represented a decade of American culture since the 1950's.  I had the 1980's...  Materialism, rabid consumerism, glitz-y exteriors without much content, Lamborghinis, speedboats, hot pink, etc.  On display through August 30 at ACT Theatre.