Friday, November 03, 2006

Group Show

I am pleased to announce that I will be part of a group show at the Gallery on the Green, in Pawling, New York. Some of the work has been posted here before, but I have continued working on them, and they are finally resolved. This will be the first time that "Night Attack in Emerald Valley" has been shown. Those of you in the area should make the trip to support this new, great gallery and the other artists. The show runs from 11/25/06 to 1/7/07. Here are some updated images of the work in the show...

Night Attack in Emerald Valley. oil on canvas SOLD

Fertile Shore. oil on canvas

Grove. oil on wood

Incident at Donut Junction. oil on canvas


"Katamari Landscape" was previously posted, but I continued to work on it and wanted to re-post it, along with some drawings that preceded it. I got the idea from a bizarre video game called "Katamari Damacy". "Katamari" is a japanese word meaning "clod" or "clump", and "damacy" loosely means "spirit" or "soul". The painting was made by continuously rotating the painting 90 degrees in order to compress the gravity of landscape towards the center. The result is a ball of my landscape elements. Katamari!

Katamari Landscape. oil on canvas

Untitled. ink on paper

Untitled. ink on paper