Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plexiglass paintings

Here are some new pieces that I've been working on. They each consist of eight layers of 1/4 inch plexiglass, with acrylic paint on the separate layers. These are the first of many more to come. As you can see, they are a challenge to photograph, and I realized that trapped dust becomes a big problem. But I'm looking forward to working these issues out and creating some larger ones. These are all 12 x 12 inches.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! I had this idea a few years ago and never acted on it. I imagined building a sort of shadow box frame with slots cut in the sides for each layer- once the top is in place a possible solution for keeping dust out?

    Most exciting shit I've seen all week.

  2. I am just amazing about your work, colour, lines and creative. Accidentally I found your blog and saved some paintings to post im my blog soon!


  3. freakin sweet! i like them all, but i LOVE the one with orange.