Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Post

Wow. I've been a terrible blogger. The ironic thing is that I currently have work in two different galleries as part of "The Blogger Show." 2 pieces are at the Agni Gallery in NYC , and 2 pieces are at Digging Pitt, in Pittsburgh. So, I guess I'm not really much of a blogger. Or at least I haven't been recently. As the name of the shows suggest, they consist of work by artists that blog. A majority of the blogs I've visited by the participating artists, really WRITE. I don't really write all that much at all. My blog was really only started in order to have an online space to show my work. I guess blogs can take many different forms and purposes. I have to admit that I have felt rather low on the art blogging ladder, as I haven't updated very often, and I only write about myself. But, that's what this blog remains.... It's about my work. So, I wanted to post a new image, though it's not a new painting. It's actually a piece that's in the Blogger Show at Agni Gallery. I've got some cool new paintings in the works, and hopefully, they'll be finished within the next month. I'll be happy to finally post some new work then. A lot has been going on recently, and it's been a bit of a struggle to back back into production mode.... but things are finally clicking again. More to come...

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  1. Finally this a-hole updates his blog! Ive been waiting for months upon months for a new post-just a glimpse of something new- and finally a torrent of emotion and colors!