Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I learned a new word today, thanks to Elizabeth Perry who commented on the 'Katamari' series. That word is, 'accretion'. It may be only a new word to me, as many are, but it's nice to have a new word that describes something that one does so often. According to Wikipedia, accretion is , "a process in which the size of something gradually increases by steady addition of smaller parts." That certainly could describe most of my paintings, but especially "Painthing." I posted the painting earlier, but could not stop working on it. I still really love the original state of the painting that I will now call "Panthing I". The new one is "Painthing II".

I'm renaming this version because I still think that the previous version was good enough to be complete as it was. So, it's just a lost painting that exists in photo form. Obviously, the new version has a significantly greater amount of accretion. I guess it could be said that I ruined the previous painting. Actually, I destroyed it. But I like the new one too, though it has a very different feel. The feeling of mass is much more intense.

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