Monday, March 06, 2006

New Painting

Actually, this painting is far from new, as I've been working on in for many months... But It's finished. For now. This painting began like the smaller paintings I previously posted, but I pushed the space and form development further. This one is 30" square. Thanks for visiting my BLog.

Fertile Space. oil on canvas SOLD


  1. That's one of the coolest paintings I've seen in some time. Yowsa!

  2. i really like this cable - pieces from earlier works but the end result is great.

  3. Hi Cable!! Enjoyed seeing your work. We are at Sean and Sara's visiting their new home in Denver for a few days. We were thinking of you and your fast approaching wedding. So exciting. Anyway, I love your work. This one has wonderful depth which I enjoy, getting into the scene, etc. I also like your Winters. Best wishes, Sheilah Gallagher